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Entertainment Application

Entertainment Application for multiple events. Please select event(s) you are applying for within the questionnaire.

Entertainment Questionnaire

Question 1 : Your Name

Question 2 : Stage/group Name

Question 3 : Describe your act

Question 4 : What do you typically charge?

Question 5 : Event applying for?

1. Gold Rush Country Music Festival
2. Midsummer Fairytale
3. Edge of Spring
4. The Crystal Ball

Question 6 : Point of Contact for Act

Question 7 : Website or Social Media Links

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Entertainment Questionnaire

Entertainment application process;

Applications received will be reviewed by the Fair Coordinator and in some cases will be sent for committee review with the members of the Stang Productions LLC events team. Submitting an application does not guarantee acceptance.


You will be notified by email of your acceptance or denial.

Setup & General Policy

You are responsible for your own setup and tear down; Stang Productions does not provide volunteers to assist with setup and/or tear down. Please have enough assistance to facilitate a quick setup and tear down. Children (under age 13) may not be left unattended.

Health Department regulations state that entertainment acts may not sell food/beverages or give away any food/beverage samples without a Health Permit. If you plan on selling/ giving away prepared foods you must contact us at [email protected]

No illegal narcotic substances are allowed on the site. Anyone with such substances in their possession will be reported to the proper authorities. Outside alcohol is strictly prohibited. Alcohol maybe purchased from an approved vendor inside the fairgrounds and must be consumed within the fairgrounds. Alcohol will ONLY be sold to age appropriate individuals only after providing valid identification. Please drink responsibly. Drunken, unruly or dangerous behavior will result in expulsion from the fair.


Unfortunately, pets are not allowed. Service animals are allowed (by law!) but they must be restrained at all times and the owner is responsible for their clean up. If your service animal is deemed unruly or dangerous by faire personnel, it may be refused access and/or will be required to leave.

Failure to adhere to these rules may result in expulsion and/or forfeiture of fees, at the discretion of the Faire Coordinator. All rules are subject to change, at any time, at the discretion of the Faire Coordinator. In cases of conflict, all decisions of the Faire Coordinator, and/or Faire Board are final. By submitting an online application you agree to abide by all rules put forth by Stang Productions LLC, and all events produced by and us and participated in by you.

Assumption Of Your Risks

We, Stang Productions LLC, are not responsible for stolen goods, rowdy patrons, extreme weather, injury, or any other general liability occurrence's that may happen to you, or your affiliates. All Stang Productions LLC events are "At your own risk" and by applying to one of our events, you agree to participate and hold harmless "Stang Productions LLC and all affiliates, officers, and directors" of damages to you or your affiliates.


All Applications are finalized within 6 days of each event.


By applying, you agree to all of the above terms. Furthermore, please make sure all trash is removed from your entertainment area and placed in the dumpsters. All boxes MUST be broken down before placed in the dumpsters or they will fill to capacity too quickly.

Thank you, and we look forward to working with you.



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