Our Values

Mission Statement:

We are a passion project, focusing on live experiences, that mix magic, art, and community together to create world class experiential events that make memories, and grow communities.

Vision Statement:

To enable freedom of expression through art, healing through art, and self-discovery through art.

Core Values:

We achieve this through “CID” “Community, Integrity, Dedication” the three pillars which represent our values, and how we operate.


C: Community

Here at Stang Productions LLC, we present a platform that aides in building, representing, and growing the communities we represent, through various events and activities. We believe all communities and cultures are beautiful in their own unique way, and we create an inclusive experience that welcomes and highlights a revolving variety of tribes, peoples, and families.


I: Integrity

Integrity is of the utmost importance at Stang Productions LLC. We always honor our agreements, and we expect the same standard in return. Integrity is more than just contractual requirements. We believe Integrity is operating in a way that is honorable, even when nobody is watching. We uphold our artists, patrons, and business partners, and act in the best interest of all parties involved.


D: Dedication

Stang Productions LLC is dedicated to bringing quality community events to the public. Regardless of “profits” or “revenue”, we strive to bring quality events that the whole family can afford. We are dedicated to fostering, and aiding art/artists, and want to be a vessel for those artists to do their work for the public. We are dedicated to bringing a light to the chaos of this world, even if for only a moment, through art and magic. We are dedicated to live experiences, and the memories they create for you, your friends, and your families.


This is your company, for it is not just us, but the people in each community, that craft and develop their own flavors and vibes.


So when you see an event coming to your town, know that we are here to create magic for you, with you, and for your community.


Revel with us…. Stang Productions LLC